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The Diocese of the Holy Spirit is a member church of the Old Catholic Communion of  North America (OCCNA). The OCCNA is a communion of autonomous Orthodox Old Catholic Churches. We hope you take time to visit the OCCNA web site.


Welcome to our website! I hope that you take time to view our pages and read the information found here regarding our Diocese as well as some information and history and beliefs of Orthodox Old Catholics. We also hope you take time to visit the website of The Old Catholic Communion of North America (OCCNA) to which we belong.

The Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit is an Independent Old Catholic Church / Ordinariate  not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church , yet it still celebrates the same sacraments.  What is an Ordinariate? While, a diocese is “territorial” meaning the members live in a specific geographical area and the Ordinary’s ecclesiastical authority is limited to the same area. An Ordinariate is “personal” and its members may live anywhere the ordinariate is authorized to function. They belong to the Ordinariate because of a shared attribute; in this case, because they embrace the Old Catholic faith as understood and professed by the Ordinariate. With this in mind you will find the word “Ordinariate” used in a similar sense as the word church. (see FAQ)

We choose to refer to use the title Orthodox Old Catholic Church to describe the parishes, missions, and ministries of Ordinariate as we strive to embrace fully the beliefs and teachings of the Undivided Church of the 1st millennia and specifically the beliefs of the Early Church. This means the ordinariate if Orthodox in its beliefs and theology as was the Western Church prior to the Great Schism - in short to us to be Old Catholic is to be Western in Rite (worship) and Orthodox in theology.

In closing we believe that the first and foremost the Church should be a place of healing and comfort where seekers come to encounter Christ and as family  in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and the prayers. (Acts 2:42) In addition we are currently seeking mature adults who feel a call to Holy Orders (Deacon, Priest) and/or those  already ordained that are seeking to incardinate. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

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